Vocational Education and Career Development Centre

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The Career Development Centre (CDC) is a career library/resource centre designed to provide real services and information, from a central environment, to the school community. The teachers within the centre believe the best decisions are made with quality information and the centre provides students, parents and teachers a centre where we can distribute up-to date information provide parent information sessions and run industry specific talks for teachers and community members. Parents are always welcome to visit the centre to discuss and explore options available for their children such as entry requirements, alternative pathways and other issues regarding the academic, social and personal considerations of continuing levels of education and training which promotes  life- long learning. Parent information sessions are held in the CDC each term to target the specific needs of each year group.

The Career Development Centre also organises several opportunities for the students to visits Career Expo’s, attend University Open days, participate in Industry specific information sessions and attend Industry career speaks at the school with visiting guest speakers such as the Defence Force, Police recruitment, Nursing etc.

As part of our Career and Enterprise Course and through addressing individual needs work placements are organised through the CDC providing students with hands on experience in a wide range of occupations. These opportunities give students the opportunities to explore their own expectations of the workplace and build their awareness of their own skills and abilities.

The CDC at MRSHS encompasses many aspects of personal discovery and decision- making. Through a wide range of services, provided by the CDC team members and some outside agencies visitors will be able to explore potential careers and training opportunities.

Vocational Education

Students at MRSHS have a variety of ways to obtain Vocational Training. We offer 6 Certificate courses on site delivered by our trained staff over two years. These include –

  1. Certificate Three in Visual Art
  2. Certificate Two in Business
  3. Certificate Two in Sports Coaching
  4. Certificate Two in Outdoor Education
  5. Certificate Two in Information Technology
  6. Certificate Two in Rural Operations(Farm and Viticulture focus) – one year delivery

Students also have the option to apply for VET is School (VETis) courses delivered through our regions training provider the South regional TAFE (SRTAFE). In 2017 the students had the opportunity to apply for the following courses-

  1. Certificate Two in Automotive(Light and Heavy)
  2. Certificate Two in Building and Construction(Trades Pathway)
  3. Cert Two In Retail Cosmetics and Make up
  4. Certificate Two in Engineering
  5. Certificate Two in Hospitality(Kitchen Operations)
  6. Certificate Two in Retail
  7. Certificate 4 in Preparation to Nursing
  8. Certificate 3 of Tourism
  9. Certificate of Financial Services
  10. Certificate 3 in Information and Technology

There are minimal requirements for all courses and most courses are highly competitive. Please explore the SRTAFE  website for additional information on what’s available, course pre-requisites and delivery mode.

Students completing Pre-apprenticeship courses  are enrolled at the school and may be required to attend SRTAFE  or the workplace TWO days a week.

Students are required to submit a formal application in Term 3 to be considered into enrolments into VETis/PAIS. Selection will be based on things such as academic achievement, attendance, attitude, performance at the interview, preparation of a resume portfolio and a genuine interest in the industry.

Workplace Learning Endorsed Program

The Workplace Learning Endorsed Program provides an opportunity for a student to demonstrate, and develop increasing competence in, the core skills for work, often referred to as generic, transferable or employability skills. Developing competence in workplace skills assists an individual to gain employment and in the long term to progress within the organisation or industry area in which they are employed, and to contribute successfully to the organisation’s objectives and to the wider community. The students must record the numbers of hours completed and tasks undertaken in the Authority’s Workplace Learning Logbook and the total number of hours completed in the workplace contributes the students WACE Achievements. Every 55 hours in the WPL gives the students 1 unit equivalents with both the logbook and skills journal completed.

Please click this link to download the Workplace Learning Package:   2017 Year 11 Workplace Learning Package

Career and Enterprise (WACE General Course)

The Career and Enterprise course aims to provide all students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to be enterprising managers for their own career development in a constantly changing digital and global world of work.

The Career and Enterprise Course is compulsory for all students enrolled in less than 4 ATAR courses.

Career and Enterprise – G1CAE Unit 1

This unit enables students to increase their knowledge of work and career choices and identify a network of people and organisations that can help with school to work transitions. The focus on this unit is exploring my world and its connections.

Career and Enterprise – G2CAE Unit 2

This unit explores the attributes and skills necessary for employment and provides students with the opportunity to identify their personal strengths and interests and the impact of these on career development opportunities and decisions.

Career and Enterprise – GTCAE Unit 3

This unit is about adopting a proactive approach to securing and maintaining work and it involves self-management, using work search tools and techniques, developing career competencies and accessing learning opportunities.

Career and Enterprise – GTCAE Unit 4

This unit explores issues associated with career management, workplaces and influences and trends in times of change. Change can be analysed and the information used to inform strategies associated with self-management, career building and personal and professional learning experiences. Work, training and learning experiences provide opportunities to extend students’ knowledge and skills in anticipation of responding to change and maintaining an edge. These experiences are documented in career portfolios, using an increasing range of information technology skills. The focus of this unit is personal independent career development. Opportunities are provided to develop career competencies in preparation for becoming employees.

How will Career and Enterprise Courses help students in the future?

Students will use the latest career development computer software and have access to a wide range of career counselling resources. Career and Enterprise provides students with the skills and knowledge to support any career pathway (University, TAFE, Apprenticeships, Traineeships or full time employment).

Career development learning for the modern world recognises that careers are about life, work and learning. It is a lifelong process, whereby wide exposure to experiences of work, career and enterprise learning is of increasing relevance to students in a constantly changing workplace.

Career and Enterprise courses are particularly useful for students who are unsure of what career to choose in the future.

Several guest speakers will address the students to broaden their outlook and networks and expose them to industries and opportunity unknown to the students. Students also participate in mock interviews in both Year 11 and 12 to prepare them for this often daunting process.

Please see the link for the Upper School Student Handbook for further information on each of the courses.

Please click this link to download the Workplace Learning Package:   2017 Year 11 Workplace Learning Package