Margaret River Senior High School has achieved Health Promoting School Status!

We actively:

  • Promote the health and wellbeing of students
  • Enhance the learning outcomes of students
  • Involve student participation and empowerment
  • Link health and education issues and systems
  • Collaborate with parents and the local community
  • Integrate health into the school’s ongoing activities, curriculum and assessment standards
  • Set realistic goals built on accurate data and sound scientific evidence
  • Seek continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

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At times some students may require some extra support or guidance.  Margaret River Senior High School offers support in many different ways.
Please contact the people below if you require more information:

Contacts for Different Issues

For Relationship/social issues or General behaviour issues:
Hetty Bogerd
Student Services Co-ordinator
9757 0720
Information to be passed onto relevant staff

For Social, spiritual or emotional issues:
Kathryn Seisun     
9757 0719

Jon Daniels
Youth Support Officer
9757 0717

Wendy Coffey
Youth Support Officer
9757 0403

Emotional or personal issues requiring professional counselling or referral:
Andrew McDonald
School Psychologist
9757 0730

Health, medical or well-being issues:
Sandra Robertson
School Nurse
9757 0719

Mentor Co-ordinator
9757 0719