MRSHS Contact Details

Address: 158 Bussell Hwy
Margaret River, WA, 6285

Administration: (08) 9757 0700
Fax: (08) 9757 0764

Student Services: (08) 9757 0795

Absentee Line: (08) 9757 0745

Uniform Shop:  0423 643 303

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Who To Contact

Executive Team

Mr Andrew Host

Phone: 9757 0700


Mr Merv McKillop
Deputy Principal
Phone: 9757 0702


Ms Hetty Bogerd
Deputy Principal
Phone: 9757 0720

Ms Kara Beecham
Deputy Principal
Phone: 9757 0707


Ms Cristina Oliveira
Business Manager
Phone: 9757 0704

Mrs Lee Pike
Operations Manager
Phone: 9757 0703


Student Services Team


Ms Hetty Bogerd
Deputy & Student Services Manager
Phone: 9757 0720

Mr Chris Buckland
Year 7 – 8 School Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0786


Ms Melanie Chappell
Year 9 – 10 School Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0786


Mr Benjamin Finch
Upper School Program Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0783

Monitoring of student behaviour & attendance.

  • Working with students, parents and teachers to modify inappropriate behaviour and encourage acceptable behaviour.
  • The monitoring of student progress
  • Pastoral and academic counselling
  • Parent contact regarding student counselling and referral
  • Monitoring of student behaviour and welfare
  • New student induction
  • Organisation of social events
  • Working within the Student Services team
  • Monitors the performance of senior school students as a group and individually.

Student Absences
Phone:  9757 0795 or 9757 0745

Mrs Carolyn Ralph
Learning Support Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0736

  • Assist teachers with teaching/learning strategies in the classroom.
  • Promote literacy strategies in all Learning Areas.

Mrs Jo Dorrington
Engagement Transitions  and Participation Manager
Phone:  9757 70718

  • Queries about school leaving age, career and transition planning for 15-17 year olds.
  • Development of individual pathway plans, coordination of post school options, case management, maintaining and developing community partnerships.


Ms Kathryn Seisun
Mentor Coordinator & School Chaplain
Phone: 9757 0717

  • Partnering students with an appropriate community mentor in order to share ideas, experience and guidance.
  • Working within the Student Services Team.
  • Pastoral Care; Liaison between community and school; Available as a confidential listener.


Ms Sandra Robertson
School Nurse
Phone: 9757 0719 (Mon, Tue & Wed)


Mr Jon Daniels
Student Support Officer
Phone: 9757 0717

Mrs Wendy Coffey
Student Support Officer
Phone: 9757 0707

Heads of Learning Areas

Mr Mike Caudle
HOLA HASS and Languages
Phone: 9757 0770

Mr Ed Lacy
HOLA English
Phone: 9757 0735

Mr Shane Joyce
HOLA Health & PE
Phone: 9757 0758

Mr Alex Bayley
HOLA Mathematics
Phone: 9757 0746

Mr Liam Smith
HOLA Science
Phone: 9757 0763

Mrs Michelle Miller
HOLA Vocation Education & Training
Phone: 9757 0777


Ms Meredith McCormack
TIC Arts
Phone: 9757 075

Mrs Kylie Marsh
HOLA Technology & Enterprise
Phone: 9757 0744

Staff Email Contacts

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Corr, Sinead:
Darby, Bruce (on leave):
Dziadulewicz, Emma:
Elliot, Lisa:
Elliott, Sally:
Farmer, Paul:
Finch, Benjamin:
Geroff, Florina:
Goyder, Sarah (on leave):
Godden, Bruce (on leave):
Gradisen, Amanda:
Grapes, Marian:
Gregory, Nola:
Hardy, Josh:
Hardy, Sarah:
Hastie, Kerry (on leave):
Healy, Craig (on leave):
Howse, Belinda:
James, Hannah (on leave):
Johnston, Matthew:
Johnstone, Heath:
Joyce, Shane:
Joyce, Shelley:
Juniper, Caroline:
Keen, Martin:
Kettlewell, Sam:
Kitson, Nakita:
Kupfer-Hollis, Iris:
Kupfer-Hollis, Stuart:

Lane, Tony:
Lacy, Claire:
Lacy, Ed:
Lemon, Isabelle:
Marsh, Kylie:
Marzohl, Patrick:
Marzohl-Duffy, Kate:
McCormack, Mem:
McCoy, Angela:
McRae, Aaron:
McTaggart, John:
Miller, Michelle:
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Wilmot, Lynda (on leave):

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