Ensuring that the academic,
creative, social and personal potential of each student develops to the highest possible level.


Developing and displaying respect for self, others and the environment.




Honesty, independence and motivation in our students




Developing resilient and adaptable students who aspire for excellence




Preparing students to successfully participate in community membership, education, training and work engagement


MRSHS China Tour – Day 5 Forbidden City – Xian, Dumplings and Chinese Calligraphy

Here we are, final day in Beijing and what a ripper (get that Aussie slang in there, Ni How). If the kids thought the Wall was the pinnacle of Chinese achievements, their view got challenged today when we visited the Forbidden City. Don’t get me wrong, the Wall...

MRSHS 2019 China Tour – Day 4 – Beijing Opera

Something different today, off to learn how to understand and appreciate the Beijing opera. This was great fun, how to stand as a man or woman. Hand movements, how to flirt (on stage only of course) operatically. Bit of a challenge that one, girl meets boy, is...

MRSHS 2019 China Tour – Day 3 – The Great Wall of China

OK, speechless, what can I possibly have to say about the chance to stand on THE Great Wall of China. Actually heaps but this is only a short report so I must limit myself. We got up nice and early to avoid the traffic, everyone was up on time this time, nothing...

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